October LitJoy Crate


Have you heard of a LitJoy Crate?  Until a few months ago, I hadn’t.  I stumbled across their site by chance and, being the huge book nerd I am, decided to give it a try.  Now we’re sort of hooked.

Boring, but necessary, disclaimer:  I’m not in any way being sponsored or reimbursed by LitJoy for this post.  I simply wanted to share our experience with this service I knew nothing about before finding them by accident, in hopes you might find them on purpose and love their crates like we do.

October was our second monthly crate and the theme, Yum!, involved baking and sweet treats.  Check out our unboxing video to see what we found inside!  Links to all the crate goodies are included with the video on our YouTube channel.

In the video I mention a free account.  I wasn’t trying to be misleading there; you do sign up for a free account, but the crates themselves will cost you.  The month-to-month option will run you about $29.99, but I think what you get for that price is a decent value.  The hardcover books alone would cost nearly that much, if not more, new from a store.  Also, you get a discounted rate if you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.  The excitement my kids get from opening these crates is just about worth the cost for me.

If you give this service a try, let me know what you think!



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