November Picture Book Favorites

6577387Pick a Pumpkin, Mrs. Millie!
Mrs. Millie is silly!  In this fun story, Mrs. Millie takes her class to the pumpkin patch, where her students spend the day guessing the real meanings of her nonsense words.  The story is cute and clever with an emphasis on rhyming, as many of Mrs. Millie’s silly words rhyme with what she really means to say (dragon instead of wagon, spider instead of cider, and so on).


6399431Leaf Trouble
Pip Squirrel doesn’t understand why all the leaves keep falling.  He becomes worried about his changing home in the tree, but his mother assures him it’s all a normal part of fall.  This story has an endearing way of offering comfort through change while factually explaining what happens as we move into a new season.




29152096The Storybook Knight
This is one of my new favorite picture books ever.  It’s the story of Leo, a gentle knight who loves to read.  When his parents send him off to tame a dragon, he uses his love of reading to become a hero.
The moral is perfect, the story is well-told, and the illustrations are fabulous.
The team behind this book, Helen and Thomas Docherty, have also done The Snatchabook, which I reluctantly admit I haven’t read yet.  I have a feeling you might see that one on a future favorites list.


886095Pumpkin Town!
José and his family grow pumpkins on a mountain above town.  When a mishap occurs with their unwanted pumpkin seeds and the town gets overtaken with pumpkins, Jose and his brothers must find a way to save the day.  Unusual illustrations make this story even more engaging for kids.




So technically October is National Apple Month, but we are rebelliously reading this book in November.  Apples are a fun topic for us because they are such a big part of the agricultural community where we live, but this book makes learning about these versatile fruits fun for anyone.  The text is nonfiction without being dry or boring.  Topics covered include apple history, the life cycle of apples, apple varieties, and nutrition. There’s also an apple pie recipe in the back!  This book would make a great unit study resource.

164532Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
This is an adorable story of Fletcher the Fox and his attempt to save his favorite tree as it starts to change in Fall.  The water color illustrations make this book beautiful to look at, and the tender main character and sweet prose make the story a joy to read.




3295446The Donut Chef
This is another book that could be on my favorites list every month; mostly because I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with donuts.  This book is the story of a donut war between two chefs with shops on the same block.  In their attempts to be the best, the chefs make their donuts fancier and more absurd until one young girl asks for her favorite donut – glazed.  As it turns out, sometimes simple is best.  (P.S. – Glazed donuts are also my favorite, so this story scores extra points with me.)


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