Family Book Club – The BFG

Each month, our family has a fun themed movie night, usually based on a book we’ve read aloud together that month. We call it our Family Book Club. This month’s book-movie pairing was The BFG by Roald Dahl. We had a lot of fun celebrating one of Dahl’s most well-loved stories!

BFG Family Book Club

Our first activity was a simple art project based on the dream catching work of the book’s title character, the Big Friendly Giant (BFG). The kids each came up with a ‘golden phizzwizard’ (good dream) and a ‘terrible trogglehumper’ (bad dream) and drew them in the correct jars. You can download your own dream collecting template HERE.

Printable Dream Collecting

Next, we made “real” dream jars like the ones the BFG used to store all his captures from Dream Country. I mixed instructions from tutorials on Hobby Craft and OC Mom Blog and it worked out great!

BFG Dream Jars
Aren’t they pretty?

I also threw together some dream trumpets using dollar store funnels and paper towel tubes. Just tape or glue a funnel to the end of the cardboard tube, paint or decorate as desired, and wa-la! In hindsight, I probably would have glued instead of taped the funnels.

BFG Dream Trumpets
I had some leftover gold spray paint in the garage, so I used that to give our trumpets a metallic effect.

dream trumpet book scene

Finally, for our big movie night, we made the BFG’s favorite drink, Frobscottle, based on a recipe from Krystal at Brought To You By Mom. (Her blog is beautiful, by the way. Take some time to check it out.) The drink was a big hit with the kids, and super easy to make!

Frobscottle drink

We weren’t ambitious enough to try making snozzcumbers (which, in the story, are absolutely disgusting), but we did enjoy some plain cucumber slices because, well, that’s close enough for us.

BFG Movie Night

I thought the movie was very well done, and our whole family enjoyed it (though my youngest was not so sure about the man-eating giants). We love comparing the book and movie versions of a story and, for the most part, we found the movie adaptation of Dahl’s BFG kept close to the book.

In the spirit of frugality, I try to keep our book club activities budget-friendly, and this month was a success! Much of what we needed we already had on hand, so I only spent about $10 total.

Cost Breakdown:

Dream Jar Printable Activity: Free

Dream Jar Craft: $5

Dream Trumpets: $1 (for 3-pack of funnels)

Frobscottle Ingredients: approximately $4

BFG Movie: Free (borrowed from library)

All in all, this was one of our favorite family book club experiences. This note my son wrote in our journal probably sums it up best.

I’m pretty sure this is the definition of a parenting payoff.

Ready to try your own family book club? What book(s) would you choose? We’re still trying to decide what book we’ll do next. Leave us a comment with your suggestions.







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