Meet Kristin

Hey there!  I’m Kristin, and I’m so happy you’ve come to my corner of the blogosphere.welcome1

Our Common Chaos is my way of sharing our commonly chaotic family life to help you feel better about your own beautiful frenzy.  I hope you’ll find inspiration and encouragement, along with tips of the parenting and homeschooling variety, plus a dash of laughter while you’re here.

So, who am I?

Well, I’m NOT a person who finds it easy to talk about herself, so this page quite honestly makes me nuts.  But, you’re here and I think you deserve to know more about me so here it goes.

My primary identities are wife and mom, followed closely by homeschooler, writer, photographer, book lover, coffee addict, and procrastinator.  Some of my favorite things include:  coffee (obviously), donuts, movie nights, used bookstores, snuggling, Train (the band, not the form of transportation), and incorporating song lyrics into everyday conversation.  I never win contests or raffles, but I’ve happily accepted this fate in exchange for the unbelievably amazing family hand I was dealt in a poker game with God.  Seriously, I am blessed beyond measure.

My Commonly Chaotic Clan

Hubs – I met my husband when I was 14 (and he was 15) years old and our ride through this life has been nothing short of the best.  He makes me laugh and he makes me coffee, which I’m pretty sure mirrors perfection.  I think it’s cliché to say I married my best friend, so I won’t say it.  But I did.  We spend a good bit of our days quoting movie lines to each other (mostly from The Other Guys and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).  He makes my life better in every way, and I wouldn’t change a thing.


D-Man is our oldest son.  He made me a mother nine years ago, and has continued to unknowingly make me a better mother ever since.  He’s our giver, always thinking of ways to brighten someone else’s day.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, takes his big brother role seriously, and blesses us all with his creativity.


KD is our youngest son and middle child.  Yes, there are stigmas about middle children and, no, I haven’t decided if I believe them.  I do know he’s the most outside-the-box of our three kids and challenges us to step up our parenting game on a regular basis.  He’s 7 years old, loves martial arts, is fiercely independent, and blesses us all with his laughter.KD

Bugs is our youngest and our only girl.  She personifies the spirit of a princess while simultaneously acting like a rogue circus monkey. She was born at a time of deep grieving in our family and she’s been our constant ray of sunshine.  She’s got a streak of attitude a mile wide with an equally long streak of affection.  She’s 4 years old, loves all things pink, and blesses us all with her spirit.


So, why the blog?

Around two years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to leave my job and stay home with our kids.  It was (and is) a dream come true.  After I came home, we decided to homeschool, which has been one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.  (Another great decision we made was buying every season of Scrubs on DVD.)  I absolutely love the homeschool lifestyle and what it’s done for our family, but it’s also challenging.  And as rewarding as mothering and homeschooling can be, it can also get lonely.  I felt I had so much to say about our experiences and no one in the trenches (aside from my husband) to share it with.  Also, as a long-time writer, I missed writing things other than grocery and to-do lists.  Thus the birth of Our Common Chaos.

More Fun Facts

If you’ve made it this far without giving up, you deserve a few extra fun factual tidbits.

I rap to Eminem whenever I’m in the car by myself.  That’s right, I’m pretty gangster.  One day my kids will learn of my extensive Eminem lyrical knowledge and probably head straight to a therapist.

I’m a peculiar hybrid of introvert and extrovert.  My natural tendencies are introverted, but I’ve never regretted stepping outside my comfort zone.

My favorite quote is only one word – “Always.”  If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you need no explanation.  If you’re not, just know this one word embodies more emotion than any elaborate string of fancy words I’ve ever read or heard.  I love it so much that I have it tattooed on my arm.

My second favorite quote is from Betty Bender – “Anything I’ve ever done that ultimately was worthwhile, initially scared me to death.”  I try to remember it with every new endeavor.  For example, this blog.

I’m often told I’m patient and soft spoken, but I’ve never felt like either.

I can’t parallel park a minivan.  I can’t parallel park any vehicle really.  This wouldn’t be such a problem if our nearest library had any parking other than metered street spaces.

I’m an unapologetic Christmas fanatic.  My deep-seeded love of all things Christmas knows no bounds.  It annoys my husband a bit, but he loves me too much to complain.

I often overuse the words ‘awesome’ and ‘ridiculous.’  It’s an awesomely ridiculous habit.

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