DIY Tile Coaster Cup Station

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve found a cup in a random spot of the house, or asked my kids which cup they’ve been drinking from, or even how many cups they’ve had that day, I’d be bouncing between cruise ships right now on back-to-back vacations.  After reaching my limit of playing hide-and-go-seek with cups and washing multiple cups per child per day, I thought of a solution.


I’d seen many tutorials on how to make customized tile coasters and thought I’d expand on that a bit to create a cup station for the kitchen.  It’s like a parking spot for cups.  Here’s how you can make one too.

What You’ll Need:
square tiles – one for each child or family member
wood – cut to fit the layout of your tiles
Liquid Nails® or other strong adhesive
scrapbook paper
letter stickers
glue stick or liquid craft glue
Mod Podge
waterproof caulk


craft paint, wood stain, or washi tape
small rubber furniture pads

First, decide how many tiles you’ll use and what layout you’d like.  We just have tiles for the kids in a straight row of three, but you can add them for yourself and other family members as well.  For more than three tiles, you may want to pattern them in a square or other shape to save counter space.

Next, lay your tile design on the wood and mark the dimensions.  This will be the base for your tiles.  Cut and sand.

We used 3/4″ oak wood, but you can use any kind you choose.  Wood scraps you may have lying around would work great and save you money.

After cutting, I painted the edges of the wood base with brown craft paint, but you could use wood stain or cover the edges with a decorative washi or duct tape.  You could also leave it au naturel.

Then, cut a square of scrapbook paper for each of your tiles and set aside.  You could alternatively use photos of your kids to distinguish their coaster.


Next, affix your tiles one at a time to the wood base using Liquid Nails or another strong adhesive.  Let set per product instructions.


Once set, use glue to adhere your scrapbook paper to the tiles.  The type of glue used here isn’t all that important, since you’ll be sealing everything with Mod Podge.  Even a washable glue stick is fine.


Add your letter stickers to designate a coaster for each child or family member.  We have two kids with the same initial, so I made the identical letters different colors.  If you decide to use photos instead of scrapbook paper, the letter stickers would be optional.

The tiles I used have a rounded edge, so some white shows between the paper design and the base.  If you use straight (non-rounded) tiles, you won’t have this.

Next, add several thin layers of Mod Podge over the top and edges of your tiles and let dry completely.

Finally, seal the spaces between your tiles with a waterproof caulk and let dry.

Optionally, you could add small rubber furniture pads to the bottom corners of your base to keep it from sliding on the counter.


And that’s it!  These coaster stations are a cheap and easy way to lessen your daily dish count and put an end to cup search and rescue missions.  Having one has made a huge difference in our house.  Each of our kids knows to return their cup for the day to their coaster whenever they aren’t using it, and once they go to bed I take all the cups and put them in the dishwasher.  Over time, it’s become a habit (though not a perfect one), and it’s one less frustration for this mom!

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