DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year (cue the ominous music).  I wanted to give the kids an opportunity to contribute apart from being in the kitchen licking spoons, and also keep them in the spirit of thankfulness.  These DIY crafty place cards are the perfect thing!

What You’ll Need:
card stock (grab your free template below)
craft paints (brown, red, orange, yellow)
black pen or fine-tip Sharpie
pencil or erasable pen

Our first task was to decide who would make which cards.  There are twelve of us total, which divides perfectly between three kids…if they ever agreed on anything…at all.  In the interest of fairness (and my sanity), we put everyone’s name into a hat.  The kids took turns drawing their four names each and on we charged!

thanksgiving-place-cards-name-drawingNext you’ll need to print your free card templates (linked below).  Cut each card on the outer solid black lines.

After I cut apart the printed cards, I showed the kids where to put their thumbprint turkeys (on the blank side) and they got to work.  If you’ve never done a thumbprint craft before, keep in mind that less is more on the paint front.  We of course used brown paint for the turkey body, and a pattern of red, yellow, and orange for the feathers.

*For my younger kids, I folded the cards before they painted so it was easier for them to see where the turkeys and names should go.

thanksgiving-place-cards-painting  thanksgiving-place-cards-turkey
Let your thumbprint turkeys dry completely.

thanksgiving-place-cards-paintedOnce the turkeys are dry, have the kids add eyes, a beak, and legs using a fine tip Sharpie or other pen.


Bugs wanted to add snoods to her turkeys as well, since that’s her new favorite thing.

Next have the kids label each card front with a family member’s name and write inside the card a reason (or two) they are thankful for that person.  This was the best part of this project for all of us.  The kids had fun coming up with what to write and it made my heart happy to see what they came up with.  They even made cards for each other…and they were nice!!


*I let the kids to use an erasable pen for their writing.  If you don’t have an erasable pen, I suggest using pencil or maybe practicing what they want to write on scrap paper first.  We did quite a bit of erasing.

That’s it!  They’re ready for the Thanksgiving table.  The kids are so excited to set these out and see their loved ones read them.

DIY-thanksgiving-place-cardsWhat Thanksgiving dinner traditions keep your family thankful?  I’d love to hear about them!

Click to download your place cards!


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