10 Ways I’m Rocking Motherhood


A few months ago, another mom told my husband she wished she was more like me because, according to this merciful mom, I “had it all together.”  When my husband told me about this later, I literally laughed out loud because the thought of having it all together is both foreign and hilarious to me.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had a day since becoming a mom nearly ten years ago when I thought, Hey I’ve really got it all together.  Most of the time, I’m second-guessing every effort and comparing myself to other moms who I think, ironically, have it so much more together than I do.

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5 Things I’m Letting Go In 2017

I’m not one of those “New Year, New Me” people.  In fact, I don’t even make New Year’s resolutions.  I do, however, see the value in using the beginning of a new year to reflect on who and where you are versus who and where you want to be.  So I’ve come up with five things I’m letting go in 2017 to put me closer to who and where I want to be.

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